NetsuCon is guided by a set of core principles. Enthusiasm, creativity, self-expression, and spontaneity are all elements that represent fire. Self-awareness, civility, consent, and health & hygiene are the icy cool elements that keep the fire in check. Camaraderie, inclusion, representation, and transparency provide the framework in which these yin and yang elements may flourish.

These principles are not rules, but rather tangible hooks around an idea that cannot be expressed by words. Love is what we’re fostering, but that word is too vague and often misused. Instead, we use these principles as guideposts to curate the right vibe and maintain the heart of what NetsuCon is about.


Burn brightly and bring your best energy forward. This is your time to let loose and feel excited. Party with confidence and conviction.


Support each other. We’re here to lift each other up and create safe environments of organized chaos where like minds can dwell in harmony. Care for those around you. Pay attention to those in need.


Be mindful of your thoughts and habits. Don’t be afraid to face reality. Learn about how you make others feel. Maintain an inner calm that rests on knowledge of self.


Let your imagination expand while you tap into an endless stream of new ideas. Maintain a flow state.


Everyone is welcome. We each have a responsibility to make everyone feel accepted and loved. If you see someone looking out of place or lonely, go talk to them.


Be courteous, even and especially to those who judge harshly. Respect the venue spaces and be nice to the normies. Leave no trace, and when possible, leave places in a better state than when we found them.


Let your creativity expand outward into language and art. Create, dance, sing, play, and let the world know who you really are. Never be ashamed. Inspire others to do the same by taking the first step.


Let your voice be heard and take the time to listen to others. Represent who you are, what you understand, and what you believe in. Set the stage for yourself and others to share their story.


Respect each other’s boundaries. Ask before taking photos. Don’t pressure anyone into doing something they don’t feel like doing.


Be random. Be weird. Have fun. Turn expectations upside down. Go with the flow.


Be honest with yourself and others. 

Health & Hygiene

Get enough sleep, eat quality food, drink water, exercise and take mental health breaks when needed. Shower daily and wear deodorant. Let’s all do our part to feel wonderful, look amazing, and eliminate Con Funk.