NetsuCon is a free anime convention that takes place yearly in Clermont, Florida.

NetsuCon 2024 will likely take place in October at the Cooper Memorial Library again. Details coming soon!

What exactly is NetsuCon?

NetsuCon is a space that puts a focus on human connections, art, activities and dancing. The term “anime convention” is really just the theme, or a hook that we use to launch ourselves towards all kinds of art, music, and entertainment. We’re not limited to one thing.

We’re dedicated to cultivating environments that flourish with creativity and provide a platform for empowerment. We encourage guests to be a part of the event and make it their own.

Community and togetherness is our vibe. We never want anyone to feel rushed or corralled through a crowded vendor hall, or to feel out of place. By focusing on formats that encourage interactions, we’re breaking down the barriers of awkward silence and discomfort. It’s a place to meet people and feel accepted.

Netsu means heat. NetsuCon is about taking sparks of hope and love and building a controlled fire that provides warmth to those around it. Fire can burn, so we need to keep it in check. Cold can make us shiver, so we have to keep the fire going. Heat is the balance between these elements. Volunteers, artists, guests and attendees all play a role in stoking the fire and keeping it safely contained, ensuring that its radiance continues and causes no harm. This balance is preserved through our principles.


Our first event, NetsuCon 2023, took place at the Cooper Memorial Library on October 14. It featured local artists, rap performances, house music, dancing, interactive panels, video games, dominoes, activities and more.

Mission Statement

To unify and uplift communities through art, music, anime, and cosplay.


To educate the public about art, music, anime, and cosplay.

To promote public appreciation of art, music, anime, and cosplay.

To inspire creativity and confidence through art, music, anime, cosplay.

To break down stereotypes and build strong communities.

Vision for the Future

To bridge the gap between musical festivals and anime conventions, and cultivate safe spaces of organized chaos where we can thrive and challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves. To build a network of like-minded people who collaborate and volunteer their time and efforts to host events that rely less on commodification and more on love. To unite weebs, nerds, geeks, weirdos, normies, introverts, extroverts, and all people. To party with a purpose! To do this for the sake of bringing people together and building each other up.

The Host

This event is hosted by myself, Daniel Dodsworth. I’ve lived in Central Florida most of my life, and enjoy cosplaying, dancing, and inspiring others. I’m hoping to see NetsuCon grow over the years, and to continue providing a fun, safe place for all. You can find me on Instagram with my handle @doubledods.

I would like to thank the Lake County Library System, everyone who works in the Cooper Memorial Library, and the staff at Lake-Sumter State College for allowing us to use this venue for our first NetsuCon on October 14, 2023. And of course, a huge thanks to everyone who shared their art, performed music, hosted panels, volunteered and attended. Together we make the magic happen!

Me at MegaCon 2022 cosplaying as Inosuke from Demon Slayer

Our Mascot

Netsui-san is our mascot for NetsuCon.

Netsui means Enthusiasm, while Netsu means heat.

Netsui-san, through her enthusiasm, turns the “heat” up at our events.

The -san honorific is a title of respect, but is not overly formal.

Netsui-san, as rendered by mildly-comic-al

Character Description and Lore

Netsui-san loves to party with a purpose. She promotes self-confidence and inspires people to find their own unique identity. She is very gentle with shy people and knows how to get them to loosen up, laugh and have a good time. Netsui-san herself is very outgoing, but never obnoxious. Unshakable, she maintains a blindingly positive forward momentum, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Our Principles

NetsuCon is guided by a set of core principles to help curate the right vibe.

NetsuCon Principles

  • Enthusiasm
  • Camaraderie
  • Self-Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Inclusion
  • Civility
  • Self-Expression
  • Representation
  • Consent
  • Spontaneity
  • Transparency
  • Health & Hygiene

Read more about our Principles.