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NetsuCon 2023 – Cooper Memorial Library

NetsuCon 2023 was a great success! We had about 150 people walk through and check it out, with about 20-30 people at any given time hanging out and having fun. It was an intimate gathering of like-minded people who were able to make new connections and really enjoy being in the moment.

The most important metric of success was the vibe. People were smiling and laughing and having fun. New friends were made. People danced. Everyone felt safe and included. That’s exactly what the vision was, and somehow through effort, coordination, volunteering, and a little luck, we made it happen.

The event was hosted at the Cooper Memorial Library on October 14, 2023 from 10am to 5pm. Entry was free. This day also happened to have a solar eclipse taking place, which is kind of cool and symbolic!

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Thank you to everyone who made our very first NetsuCon such an amazing experience. 2023 will go down as our successful launch into a future filled with unifying and empowering events that allow us to flourish and have some fun.

Thank you to the artists, who beautified our space with their creations and gifted their work to us. @brianna.rdrgz @luminous_endive @Ripekun @felis_studios @heartlybyharlie @m1kku77 @okayscreamingnow @tokaro.art izzychan.wordpress.com

We thank our musical artists for bringing it live and getting the crowd moving. @iamazazus @rjaysiii

Thank you to the panelists, who not only entertained us but inspired us to be a part of the show, and to be our best selves. @d3kuniverse

A warm thank you to every volunteer who stepped in and carried this spark of an idea into a controlled fire that spread warmth and love. Everything fell together perfectly in a loose but organized way. A special shout out to Blaze Raptor, who saved the day by showing up with prizes for the Cosplay Showcase! Thank you @dontsteponthegras for helping out so much and making everyone feel welcome! Thank you to everyone who helped run DnD and the video game tournaments! To all my friends, new and old, who stepped in when I needed them the most, I appreciate all of you beyond words! These blessings will be cherished.

Thank you to everyone who vibed to my DJ set during the dance party. I was greatly energized by @yourkpopdeen and others who had some amazing moves!

A big thanks to the Cooper Memorial Library and Lake-Sumter State College for letting us host this event in their space.

To everyone who came out and had fun, everyone who cosplayed, who vibed, who played games, danced, participated in panels, shared our posts, and showed support, we thank you so much. All of this is only possible because you took a leap of faith and tried out a brand new convention. Your collective energy set the tone of this event, and the vibes were good. I think we’re building something with a lot of value here. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for all of you.

Finally, I thank my beautiful wife for being my rock in this chaotic world, and for reminding me that anything is possible.

See you all next time!

-Daniel (@doubledods)

List of Events and Activities

These are the events and activities that were scheduled on October 14, 2023, exactly as there were listed on the Events page of our website.


Events are scheduled throughout the day at specific times.

Opening Ceremony

10:00 – 10:30
Starting out with a brief welcome, this opening ceremony will kickstart NetsuCon officially. Volunteers will go to their respective stations and areas, and the party will begin!

Pokemon Vs. Digimon

11:00 – 12:00
What came first, the Digivice or the Pokeball? Come and show your appreciation for your favorite Pocket Monster Fandom in Digimon Vs Pokemon. Let people know why it’s better to be a Pokemon Master or a DigiDestined?

Hosted by the D3KUniverse.

Dance Party

1:00 – 2:00
We’re turning up the volume at 1pm when the library closes. Join us for a dance party to launch this event to the next level! Poi and flow toys are welcome and encouraged.

Let’s Pose

2:00 – 3:00
Inspired by the hit TV series and Ballroom Culture comes, Let’s Pose! Come and Join in on the fun and show us your signature walk and never forget to Pose. Form a team or Pose Solo in various categories such as Realness, Cosplay King and Queen, Lip Sync and more! Come to Pose or just enjoy the show.

Hosted by the D3KUniverse.

Nerdcore Concert with Azazus

3:00 – 3:30
Join us for a celebration of nerd culture and the Florida fans who love anime and rap music. Get hyped for a Nerdcore and Anime Rap concert featuring Azazus, who has charted #17 on Amazon Music Charts and achieved 2 million TikTok music views. Azazus has performed at Anime Festival Orlando, Metrocon, Tampa Bay Comic Con, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the fusion of anime and rap music with one of the hottest artists in the scene!

More info: Azazus.com / Bio
Instagram / TikTok: @iamazazus

Opening set by RJay$ii.

Cosplay Showcase

4:00 – 4:30
Calling all cosplayers! Here is your chance to walk the main stage and showcase your work. We’re calling it a cosplay showcase for now, because we haven’t officially confirmed a cosplay contest. If you want to make the contest happen, be sure to Volunteer as a judge, and Contact us about donating contest prizes (sponsors welcome).

Prizes available!


Here’s some of the all-day activities that will be available at NetsuCon. The open format allows everyone to float around and find the spot that calls to them.

Video Games

The Nintendo Switch gaming area will feature Super Smash Bros. tournaments throughout the day. Depending on the vibe and situation, Mario Party could be played as well.

Open Gaming Tables

One shot D&D adventures will be taking place at several tables.

Sign Up here if you want to DM!


Can’t go wrong with the classics!

Board Games

Various board games will be available, as well as cards.

Craft Table

Cut out and build cubeecraft characters! Kids require adult supervision, since sharp objects are involved.


Live DJ sets will turn up the heat at certain time slots, playing house, EDM, shuffle, and various dance music. For better or worse, expect to dance the Cupid Shuffle at least once. All the best con cringe classics will be heard, like at the random hallway parties you find at every anime convention. During certain event times, playlists will be more on the chill side, including lo-fi, anime and video game soundtracks.

Speed Friending

Speed friending is a great way to network and meet new people in a low pressure and fun environment. Groups will sit face to face at the speed friending table and rotate around every few minutes. Cards will be on the table containing random questions to ask each other, such as “all-time best video game?” or “what was the first anime to make you cry?” You can also write in your own questions to add to the table!

Subtitles vs Dubs Debate Table

The speed friending table features an open format speed friending game. Or should we say speed enemy-ing? Battle each other with the eternal question of subs vs dubs.

Hanging Out

At its core, NetsuCon is simply a place to vibe with great people. Chairs will be available to lounge in. Stretch out on the floor if you feel like it. Get up and dance. People watch. The day is yours to make it into what you want.

Financial Data

Even though we’re not a nonprofit entity (yet), we do want to start getting into the habit of maintaining financial transparency. Depending on the success of future events, we may turn NetsuCon into a 501(c)(3) or some other variation of a nonprofit.

NetsuCon 2023 was hosted at a public library that has certain rules, so we were not allowed to have vendors sell anything, nor were we allowed to sell tickets or make any money. This limitation became our greatest strength, as the event was free to everyone, and we had to focus on interactions and activities instead of financial motivation.

About $500 was spent on various things to make this event come together. The majority of that was spent on pro audio equipment, such as a mixing board that allowed us to have performers and panelists utilize the sound system we brought out more effectively. Below you can see a list of various items purchased for this event. There were also little things like paper and printing costs, which I will get better at writing down as we grow. This list does not contain pre-existing equipment that was used for the event.

NetsuCon 2023 costs

The Cosplay Showcase prizes were donated by Blaze Raptor. The Rosario + Vampire set was donated by the Cooper Memorial Library, who also provided the Nintendo Switches, games and cubeecraft cutting supplies (in addition to the venue space). Artists, performers, panelists and volunteers all provided their services on a volunteer basis. The event did not claim any profits.

-Daniel Dodsworth